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Opened in 2021, Echelon Care is one of Melbourne's fastest growing speech pathology clinics. At Echelon Care, we believe that everyone, including the most vulnerable, deserves a voice. Inclusion, choice, and independence are all possible with our speech pathology services.

Our specialists conduct their work with the highest integrity and commitment; Our members are registered with Speech Pathology Australia and comply with the latest evidence based practice.


We want to work with you and your loved ones to design your intervention programme to your specific requirements and objectives.

Echelon Care

How are we different?

At Echelon Care, we believe that everyone should be able to achieve their full potential. We provide our services using a holistic approach to ensure our clients receive the most rounded care.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of professional service that not only improves an individuals communication skills, but self-esteem as well.

Understanding an individual is of upmost priority for Echelon Care. By embracing individuality and uniqueness, we aim to form an empowering relationship with our clients.

We aim to be fair, honest and treat all individuals with equal opportunity. Every client receives the best care possible.

Echelon encourages and welcomes clients of all backgrounds. Diversity and respect are at the forefront of our values.

Meet our practitioner

Lalie Nickless

Speech Pathologist
BCom, BAppSc & MSpPath

With a desire to do something more meaningful in my life, I traded in my Accounting and Finance career to become a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist to make real differences in the lives of people living with disability.

I completed my Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Speech Pathology degree at La Trobe University and now enjoy working with children and adults every day, to enrich their lives through greater confidence and better interactions.

I am passionate about providing holistic, collaborative, family-centred intervention and ensuring that the people I work with feel supported at every stage of the therapeutic process.

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