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Speech Therapy


A comprehensive consultation session to assess and address your concerns. Our trained professionals will listen and advise you for the most appropriate clinical pathway.


A thorough assessment to establish current abilities, history and requirements, documented in a detailed report if required.


Individual treatment plan tailored to your needs. Our clinician will guide you throughout this process and your progress will be discussed with you transparently.

What Is Speech Pathology?

Speech pathology includes providing assistance to individuals who have difficulty communicating, eating, drinking, or swallowing.

For Echelon Care, speech pathology is more than just about talking. It's about all forms of effective communication. Using the latest evidence based practices, we aim to open the doors to big possibilities.

About Speech Pathologists

A speech pathologist is a trained professional that specialises in working with anyone that has difficulty communicating. A speech pathologist can assist with language, literacy, stuttering, vocal difficulty or disability, socialising, etc. A trained speech pathologist may utilise a range of techniques specific to the individual. An assessment will allow the professional to map out a detailed plan suited to needs of the individual.

Our trained
professionals will help you with:

- Speech evaluation and treatment
- Assessment and intervention in language
- Assessment and intervention for swallowing and mealtimes
- Assessment and intervention for voice and fluency
- Assessment, prescription, NDIS application work, and training for augmentative and alternative communication.

What is the NDIS:

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers assistance to those who have a permanent or serious disability that limits their capacity to perform daily duties.

We assist with persons on the NDIS who are having trouble speaking due to developmental delay, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, stroke, brain injury, or other speech and language challenges.

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